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Decorations from old computer parts

Find the original material – no great shakes headache. Spoiled consumers is difficult to impress with precious stones and exotic woods. In search of fresh solutions, the California jewelry company 2Roses Studio climbed to the dump. In their decorations, they began to use parts from old electronics.

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Butterflies and hearts in the new collection from Liberty Pasquale Bruni

Jewels in the form of butterflies and hearts are always soft and romantic. It is this, and stressed the new jewelry collection from the Italian firm Pasquale Bruni.

Pasquale Bruni Liberty Butterfly Ring Read the rest of this entry »

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Summer roses from Christian Dior

Since then, his parents moved to the Villa Villa Les Rhumbs in Normandy, and until the end of their lives, Christian Dior more than once embodied in his work floral motifs. In honor of the famous drag founder Christian Dior in the summer season, the French fashion house has issued just two jewelry collections, the foundation of which was so beloved Dior flower roses.

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Secrets of earrings in the year of the Tiger

Function earrings adorn the face of his owner’s, to attract attention of others to yourself, well, and in 2010 a special role, earrings, jewelry tiger boss, will be whispering in his ear, winner of what, when, where and how it should be done. The owner of Fine earrings decked herself with her jewelry, takes the Tigris, the master, the ear, focusing his attention on the performance of their desires.

Tiger Earrings

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Tiger and wedding rings

Tiger, like all cats, because their only masters stroked on the back, serve them without a murmur. So the symbol of the Tigris, symbolic ringed your wedding rings, will serve you in glory. Namely, it will reveal an unusual, easily accessible and very rich source of income. It will also be true for you, protecting you and all your family members from all kinds of diseases.

Tiger Ring

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