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Forever Jewels in the new autumn collection 2010

Specially crafted for this new season, Forever Jewels creates a new aspect on its Golden Fall collection focusing on unique gemstones.

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Fantastic World of Jules Verne inspired jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels

At the September Biennale in Paris antique house Van Cleef & Arpels introduced its new jewelry collection Les Voyages Extraordinaires.

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Predators BESTIARIO from Carrera y Carrera

In order to get closer to these predators, do not pass the safety course, no arm protective equipment and ammunition. On the contrary, must be swept aside all the excess clothes, and including prejudice, and just try on these masterpieces, enjoy the velvet tiger mane, silky scales of a snake, crocodile leather unexpectedly gentle and smooth feathers of an eagle. These four predators are the main characters of precious menagerie called Bestiario.

BESTIARIO From Carrera Y Carrera Ring Tigre Read the rest of this entry »


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New precious menagerie of Boucheron

House of Boucheron, outdoor Frederick Bushronom in 1854 and in 1898 the very first of the great settled on the Place Vendome, 28, in a mansion of Napoleon III, Countess de Castellon, introduced in the flagship store a new collection. According to the routine many years ago, a noble tradition, the house Boucheron annually updates its own precious menagerie.

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Jewelry in the form of animals

Subject animals especially the lead today in vogue. Already more than one season this topic attracts the attention of jewelers around the world. To this day, the trend remains up to date. Can not take my eyes off pendants in the shape of butterflies, cats, fish, dolphins, etc.

Pendant By Nafco

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Golden insects Etsy

At that not only are designers, jewelers, to surprise the public: gold panther, silver angels, platinum horse. And Etsy jewelry company felt that the precious garment is to face not only the representatives of the fauna, and insects. Diamond beetles, flies, cockroaches and grasshoppers – all of these exquisitely made trinkets can be found in the new collection of Etsy.

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Hello Kitty’s image in jewelry

You’ve heard about the brand Hello Kitty, which produces a lovely products for young girls, firmly occupying its niche in the jewelry field.

Jewelry Hello Kitty

But came good news for fans of the brand and for lovers of authentic jewelry. In the near future promises to occupy Hello Kitty jewelry boutiques in Paris, because the brand is expanding its activities and, accordingly, range.

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