Piaget and his jewelry collection of Limelight

17 Oct

Piaget jewelry brand created a collection of Limelight, which includes the line, literally, cocktail rings. Jewelry, indeed, look like a real cocktail.

Collection Piaget Limelight Cocktail Rings

The collection consists of six rings, each of which looks like and is called as one of the most popular beverages. The collection consists of the following rings Mojito, Whisky On The Rokks, White Tonic, Blue Ocean, Strawberry Daiquiri, Sex On The Beach, Cosmopolitan.Opens a series of ring Mokhito: white gold, diamonds, tsavority, emeralds and green tourmaline (24.56 carats) with carved citrine (3 carats). Tourmaline, faceted in the form of pillows, represents the surface of the popular cocktail drink, and a carved citrine – a slice of lemon.

Collection Piaget Limelight Mokhito Cocktail Ring

With a generous measure of luxury and a touch of humour, Piaget’s Cocktail jewellery quenches our thirst with its freshness and intoxicates with its beauty. The intense turquoise curaçao used in the famous Blue Hawaiian cocktail calls us back to our senses, thanks to the sparkling blue topaz stone that adorns this white-gold, diamond-studded ring. A frangipani flower, with chalcedony petals and a yellow-sapphire heart, floats delicately on the surface. Exoticism and escapism are at your fingertips with this ring.

Collection Piaget Limelight Blue Hawaiian Cocktail Ring

With a generous measure of luxury and a touch of humour, Piaget’s Cocktail jewellery quenches our thirst with its freshness and intoxicates with its beauty. The heady and intense amber colour of the famous Whisky on the Rocks cocktail is reflected in a citrine that is wickedly refreshed by two quartz ice cubes. An exhilarating piece of jewellery to wear without moderation.

Collection Piaget Limelight  Whisky On The Rocks Cocktail Ring

Clear water, white sand and beautifully varnished nails… It’s time for relaxation and chic cocktails! A zest of wit, a dose of fancy and a hint of mischief have transformed this ring into a playful cocktail glass! The icing sugar hardens into diamond and the slice of lemon has the distinct taste of peridot. Inspired by the famous Sex on the Beach cocktail, this mischievous ring blends pink tourmaline, peridot and diamonds with a joyfully insolent touch.

Collection Piaget Limelight Sex On The Beach Cocktail Ring

Featuring precious stones with refreshing and fruity accents, the Limelight Paradise range of jewellery will satisfy all women with a thirst for beauty and originality. Bursting with red spinels and tsavorites and sprinkled with a veil of fantasy, this yellow-gold ring exudes the sweet, heady fragrance of a Strawberry Daiquiri, the famous subtly-flavoured cocktail. Indulged in such elegant form, an insatiable taste for sweet treats becomes a virtue.

Collection Piaget Limelight Daiquiri Cocktail Ring

Precious cocktail Cosmopolitain – it’s white gold, diamonds, pink tourmaline (15 carats) and a carved citrine (decoration for a drink, 3 carats).

Collection Piaget Limelight Cosmopolitain Cocktail Ring

Blue Ocean – a ring with the stalk of yellow gold, diamonds, blue topaz (37.5 carats, gin) and carnelian beads in the form of (1.43 carats; berry).

Collection Piaget Limelight Blue Ocean Cocktail Ring



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