Tiger and wedding rings

10 Jan

Tiger, like all cats, because their only masters stroked on the back, serve them without a murmur. So the symbol of the Tigris, symbolic ringed your wedding rings, will serve you in glory. Namely, it will reveal an unusual, easily accessible and very rich source of income. It will also be true for you, protecting you and all your family members from all kinds of diseases.

Tiger Ring

In order for you, having a luxurious income, no nothing marred her life. With the new wedding rings in white gold or platinum or silver, to tame the tiger, the symbol of this year, you will successfully reach the incredible heights. After 2010 a jubilee year. Wearing a wedding ring on his hand, carefully Pokopaytes in my memory about what you dreamed of since childhood, but, deciding that it’s a pipe, set aside.

Tiger Ring

This year, with the help of wedding rings in white gold or alternately changing colors, created an imitation painting of a tiger, you are able to perform any, repeat any desire. It is understandable, for the tiger does not exist obstacles. Okoltsevav it, you get fateful assistant. Do not miss this opportunity!

Tiger Ring

Rings to decorate hands, namely, the fingers on his extremities are you easy solution to various problems. With such information were familiar even our very distant ancestors. 2010 – a year when you can get rid once and for all of the various unpleasant situations, any kind of diseases, from all that darkens your life. Wedding rings, with the scope of the circle is closed with all the negative around you. Scope ring with jewelry tiger not only dissolve the negative, but, taking all his strength, turn into a positive, bringing you happiness, luck and success.

Tiger Ring


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