Floral fantasy in a new collection of Gallica from Roberto Bravo

11 Oct

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and ponder …
When and from whom you received as a gift first red rose …
Do you remember?

This title is a new collection of Gallica Roberto Bravo

Collection Gallica Roberto Bravo RingsCollection Gallica Roberto Bravo Rings

Those who consider themselves special or wants it, who do not like monotony, who wants to express himself the refined style of jewelry, just the kind of worshipers the jeweler’s art, we invite you on a journey to exquisite, mysterious, magical world of gold and precious stones.

Collection Gallica Roberto Bravo Rings

Innovative, unusual, outrageous, unique, these are the basic principles of the jewelry house Roberto Bravo worldwide.

Collection Gallica Roberto Bravo Earrings

Roberto Bravo products are created for special people do not accept uniformity and monotony of the surrounding world. They include Antonio Banderas, Patricia Kaas, Zucchero, Sophie Marceau, Isabelle Adjani, and many other famous people.

Collection Gallica Roberto Bravo Pendants

Roberto Bravo protested standardization by creating a variety of styles and designs of jewelry, reflecting the latest trends and innovative ideas skillfully combining with a jeweler’s classics and introducing the fashion trends in collections. Avoiding the traditional style of severe forms of design, Roberto Bravo has created his own style of fashion.

Collection Gallica Roberto Bravo Rings

What do you think, whether the flowers bloom, let’s say, at the hands ?…. I can not resist, and ahead of you, say: “Yes they can, if the flowers from the new collection of Gallica Roberto Bravo».

Bracelet Collection Gallica Roberto Bravo
Over 40 years of Italian brand has grown from a small workshop in a large company involved in leading jewelry expo lounges of the world (for example, a salon, in which the company will participate, will be held this year in Istanbul from 14 to 17 October), it is surprising works Art, in line with their development work on the great masters of the Renaissance.

Collection Gallica Roberto Bravo Suspension

The motto “Create nesozdavaemoe” could not be better reflects the brand’s creative activity: Jewelry Roberto Bravo a real challenge to the standard jewelry, flooded the shops. Throw away the monotony and immerse yourself in an unusual design and the magical world of gold, diamonds, enamel, pearls, coral … With such exquisite decoration is very difficult to go unnoticed, they will entertain their possessor more than one season.


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