Forever Jewels in the new autumn collection 2010

13 Oct

Specially crafted for this new season, Forever Jewels creates a new aspect on its Golden Fall collection focusing on unique gemstones.

Forever Jewels Fall Collection 2010 Fiery PassionThe beginnings of Forever Jewels started more than a decade ago, with Mr. Chu Chiu Fai and his wife, Marjory. In 1995, they embarked on a new business, setting up a humble shop. Over the first 2 years, the business venture progressed steadily and sweetly, proving Marjory‚ natural business acumen. Through her business dealings and Fai‚ skillful craftsmanship, they had acquired an expanding customer base, at the same time strengthened credibility amongst its staple of suppliers.

Forever Jewels  Fall Collection 2010 Fiery Passion
Today, what started with a small workshop has grown into a company with extensive sales and marketing operations, full-fledged manufacturing facilities, employing above 1100 employees, and a large design team recruited from around the globe.

Forever Jewels  Fall Collection 2010 Menagerie

Marjory Lim is the co-founder of Forever Jewels and represents the business pillar of the company. With her keen business acumen and vast experience in the jewellery industry, she has led the company forward, growing it into an established and well-known company. She is always looking at new ways of further developing the company and putting Forever Jewels at the forefront of this highly competitive industry. Fai, an auteur (meaning creator in French) in jewellery design, possesses an innate ability to transcend thoughts and imagination into works of art. Fai, inherent talent, his artistic streak combined with his passion and commitment to generate novel pieces has brought the business a core differentiation. This continuous design innovation has led Forever Jewels to earn recognition within the industry, as a leader in jewellery design.

Forever Jewels  Fall Collection 2010 Menagerie

The production facilities for Forever Jewels has over the decade doubled in space and capacity. Located within Asia, it lies in close proximity to the headquarters based in Singapore allowing close supervision of design creation, quality controls and all other key processes. Forever Jewels firmly believes in the pursuit of perfection, from techniques to fruition. Using its latest technology and innovative approaches in crafting every piece, the company generates over five thousand pieces monthly. The craftsmen relentless efforts in perfecting each piece ensure quality and workmanship are never compromised.

Forever Jewels  Fall Collection 2010 Fiery Passion

Over the years of exponential growth within the international  jewellery scene, Forever Jewels has established overseas offices in Hong Kong, Japan, Dubai and China, with upcoming offices within Europe and USA in due course, all of which in aim to better serve our widening customer base.

Forever Jewels  Fall Collection 2010 Menagerie

The stunning fire opal takes pride of place in this collection which symbolizes passion, strength  and all the powerful emotions that come from the deepest reservoirs of the soul.

Forever Jewels  Fall Collection 2010 Fiery Passion

The playfulness of forest creatures comes alive in these pieces crafted from diamonds as well as pearls and rubies. Celebrate the joyful innocence of nature‚  blessings.

Forever Jewels  Fall Collection 2010 Menagerie

Even in darkness, there is beauty. The mysteries of the night are represented by the wise owl and illuminated in these magnificent creations crafted from unusual precious gems.

Forever Jewels  Fall Collection 2010 After Dark



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