Secrets of earrings in the year of the Tiger

15 Jan

Function earrings adorn the face of his owner’s, to attract attention of others to yourself, well, and in 2010 a special role, earrings, jewelry tiger boss, will be whispering in his ear, winner of what, when, where and how it should be done. The owner of Fine earrings decked herself with her jewelry, takes the Tigris, the master, the ear, focusing his attention on the performance of their desires.

Tiger Earrings

Lovely creation do not forget, wearing earrings, suggests a tiger, it is here and now you want him to get. Clothed their desires in the thought-forms, repeat them in a whisper, share them out loud, sing songs about their desires. If the earrings you are wearing, then simply touch their hands, in other words, tugging the tiger in your desires, like little children tugging at their parents for her hand: “Mummy I want it … Dad … I want it.” Tiger – this is not a rat, he is able to solve any problem, fulfill different desires.

Tiger Earrings

Earrings are in 2010 not a simple decoration, they acted as an antenna to transmit your requests, thoughts and requirements directly to a master of destiny.

Tiger Earrings


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