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Oscars Fashion: Jewels shimmer, but don’t surprise

Los Angeles–It was an evening of firsts at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards last night, with Kathryn Bigelow becoming the first-ever female to snag an Oscar for Best Director, and funny woman Sandra Bullock’s about-face Best Actress Oscar win for her role in a drama.

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Ornaments for the feet – accessory of the summer 2010

Many countries since time immemorial had been taken to decorate only the upper part of the body: hair, hats, ears, neck, hands and a belt – is the final chord, below which a woman has rarely, preferring to hide his feet first under the long skirts, and later under strict pants. Nearly a hundred years ago, became fashionable jewelry for the feet and firmly nestled there. Now, few of the designers do without a pair of anklets in the summer collection.

Jewelry Bracelet On His Leg

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Jewelry for men

The man, dressed in an expensive suit from a leading designer of fashion, might not look quite respectable. If it is not expensive watches in the chic bracelet emphasizing its flavor, perfect time for a tie, perfectly executed cufflinks, key chains, which shows the model of car keys, wedding ring, if a man is married or ring disposing of partners to the business relationship.

Men's Jewelry

By Christian denominations, the first man whom God created, was a man. Muslims as Allah masculine. In the Buddhist deity of men and women. In any case, a man stands in the first place. Therefore, respectable men of the world pay attention to their image and appearance. And, of course, emphasize the clothing, footwear and general way of helping only jewelry. Read the rest of this entry »

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