Decorations from old computer parts

17 Sep

Find the original material – no great shakes headache. Spoiled consumers is difficult to impress with precious stones and exotic woods. In search of fresh solutions, the California jewelry company 2Roses Studio climbed to the dump. In their decorations, they began to use parts from old electronics.

2 Roses Studio Resistor And HiTek Filigree Necklaces2 Roses Studio Hi Tek Mosaic  Necklace

The studio, a collaborative effort between metal smith Corliss Rose and lapidiary John Lemieux Rose, uses a wide variety of highly unorthodox materials and truly pushes the limits on jewelry design — establishing the Roses’ place in American art jewelry at the same time. The studio’s one-of-a-kind adornment and objects d’ art are priced from $350 to $17,500.

2 Roses Studio On Top Of Vesuvius And  My Toaster's Pet Butterfly Rings

How to tell the creators of unusual accessories, they believe parts of old computers and household appliances “attractive”, and even having “magical” properties. “Electronics is literally defined the XXI century and our technological society”, – explains John.

2 Roses Studio Hopi Girls Earrings

Rose said that adapting the computer components into functional, wearable art required considerable experimentation. Weight, movement, comfort and the mechanical working properties of the materials needed to be considered.

2 Roses Studio HiTek Slinky Necklace

Most computer components are made for low-temperature soldering, which wouldn’t work for jewelry-making. Also, the parts couldn’t come into contact with a flame used in traditional soldering, so alternative methods of connection had to be developed.

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