Predators BESTIARIO from Carrera y Carrera

23 Sep

In order to get closer to these predators, do not pass the safety course, no arm protective equipment and ammunition. On the contrary, must be swept aside all the excess clothes, and including prejudice, and just try on these masterpieces, enjoy the velvet tiger mane, silky scales of a snake, crocodile leather unexpectedly gentle and smooth feathers of an eagle. These four predators are the main characters of precious menagerie called Bestiario.

BESTIARIO From Carrera Y Carrera Ring TigreRing Tigre as a tiger’s head with a sparkling smoky quartz in the mouth will like lover of truly bold jewelry. Carrying precious prey of his mistress, the tiger will become and faithful servant, and a reliable defender. Endowed nedyuzhennoy vitality and energy, the tiger symbolizes royalty, grandeur and beauty. This animal has an important place in the mythology of many world religions. Buddhists, for instance, consider him a symbol of spiritual enlightenment because of the ability of the animal to see in the dark.

BESTIARIO From Carrera Y Carrera Snake Pendant

Temptation, temptation, mystery, intuitive: all this is associated with a snake, a symbol, present in all ancient civilizations. The snake was accompanied by all the female deities, hence the inherent feminine qualities, such as mystery, unpredictability. In India, the cult of the snake is associated with the symbolism of marine waters. Snakes are the guardians of the sources of life and immortality, as well as the spirit of unattainable wealth, is a hidden treasure. In Western culture, the serpent is a symbol of hidden wisdom. Endowed with such force, suspension Serpiente bring to life its owner a piece of magical properties.

BESTIARIO From Carrera Y Carrera Maxi Bracelet Aguila

Maxi-bracelet Aguila in the form of a soaring eagle as if borrowed from filming a movie in the fantasy genre. Like a beautiful fairy charm, this bracelet carries some meaning. King of birds, the eagle is known as a symbol of true dignity, limitless power, he represents spiritual power, victory and success. Antique zoology attributed eagle ability unblinking look at the sun and reach inaccessible to human expanse of the sky. Bracelet Aguila, will undoubtedly become a talisman for ambitious and motivated persons.

BESTIARIO From Carrera Y Carrera Brooch Cocodrilo

The object of worship in ancient Egypt, crocodile symbolizes rebirth, fertility, liberation from the constraints of the world movement against the current. In many ancient myths, the crocodile is the support and drive the Earth’s night-god, ruler, a symbol of mystery and occult knowledge. Brooch Cocodrilo, which can be worn on the lapel of a jacket or dress, as well as on a belt or scarf will be an unusual accent, emphasizing creative thinking holders of this decoration. Ring Tigre, suspension Serpiente, bracelet and brooch Aguila Cocodrilo self-sufficient in and of themselves are building a unique individual image. Like a tiger and a snake, a crocodile and an eagle created in order to produce the effect, namely: to impress, amaze, fascinate and fall in love … Forever.


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2 responses to “Predators BESTIARIO from Carrera y Carrera

  1. efi papastylou

    20.11.2010 at 8:01 am

    Amazing ring…I want this now!!!!

  2. RENA

    25.03.2011 at 12:40 am

    Hi i love the tiger ring look very cool , you have maney collection bravo i love it i will comeback sometime


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