Jewelry in the form of animals

30 Aug

Subject animals especially the lead today in vogue. Already more than one season this topic attracts the attention of jewelers around the world. To this day, the trend remains up to date. Can not take my eyes off pendants in the shape of butterflies, cats, fish, dolphins, etc.

Pendant By Nafco

Emeralds and rubies, occupying the first position on the color palette of stones, compelled to share their championship (not to concede, but only to share) with blue, yellow and pink flowers minerals characteristic of semi-precious stones.

Pendants Butterfly Dragonfly

Semi-Precious Stones are not so prestigious as precious, and are not expensive. On the other hand allows the artist free to fantasize, using the full rainbow of colors contained in the images of the magnificent natural world.

Pendants Fish Dolphin Crab Octopus

Pendants Turtle Scorpion Frog Lizard

World-renowned fashion houses produce jewelry praising the beauty and tenderness of burning petals, stirring grace of wild animals, the splendor of strange birds, unusual delicacy and fragility of the bugs and spiders and their good jewelry work from home as a master netting veil. The beauty of dragonflies and butterflies.

Pendant By Kara Ross

A distinctive feature of the masterpieces of jewelry – it’s their size. From miniature executed in exactly the same as a product of nature, close-up, transferred copies of the master of metal and stone.

Pendants Bear Cat Dog



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