New precious menagerie of Boucheron

20 Sep

House of Boucheron, outdoor Frederick Bushronom in 1854 and in 1898 the very first of the great settled on the Place Vendome, 28, in a mansion of Napoleon III, Countess de Castellon, introduced in the flagship store a new collection. According to the routine many years ago, a noble tradition, the house Boucheron annually updates its own precious menagerie.

Ring Cat From Boucheron

Ring Of Flamingos From Boucheron

Despite the fact that some participants come to the zoo Boucheron, while others – leave it on for a while, at Boucheron, there are permanent staff. Thus, among the oldest old – an aggressive snake, a longtime historic symbol Boucheron (necklaces, rings and earrings), elegantly sighted, but attentive chameleon (submitted in the form of brooches and rings) and a very calm turtle (ring, tortoise shell can be made from a single fine or semiprecious stone – from emerald to pink opaque quartz). Centenarians in the second level – the octopus (the ring), Swan (earrings) and owl (rings). The necessity of annual recharge menagerie is due, firstly, that the precious fauna of large (high jewelry) and small forms (classic) – this is an indispensable archive, power and glory Boucheron. Secondly, the fact that the permanent release of the heroes in this collection, made a grave and laborious genre of miniature sculpture jewelry, jewelers have traditionally reaffirm their deservedly high status.

Lemur Ring From Boucheron

Debutant in 2010 proved to be an elephant, a flamingo, a cat, lemur, a peacock and a seahorse. Of course, the debutant jewelry scene these characters can only be described with respect. For example, a cat – a rethinking of big cat, a panther, a tiger, a popular hero jewelry collections Cartier. Peacock, thanks to its tail, also a frequent guest jewelry zoos (in recent years, precious peacocks let house Cartier and less pompous Spanish brand Carrera y Carrera; brooches, rings, pendants). Moving seahorses can always find in store Tiffany & Co. and Mikimoto (brooches). A magnificent large-scale diamond elephant with honey topaz three weeks ago, appeared in the collection “The Incredible Journey” house Van Cleef & Arpels (this decoration in the form of brooches will be the main exhibit of the VCA to start 15 September in the Grand Palais of Paris biennalle Antiquaries). Flamingo – it is a known important historical treasure for the house Cartier; such a brilliant bird brooch was of the Duchess of Windsor in early 1950.

Ring Seahorse From Boucheron

However, the masters of Boucheron still managed to create not a “regular” animalistic jewels of French persuasion, namely the original, absolutely brand things, things about which you can always say that they are made in this House. Flagship jewel is regarded as an elephant, or rather ring, named Hathi. Like an elephant VCA (his noble name of Maximus), the elephant Boucheron also got a nickname – Hathi (so called famous Elephant by Rudyard Kipling, living in the pages of the two-volume “The Jungle Book”, 1894). Boucheron elephant has a very prominent Indian ornaments: we recall that the Indian history of the French House is extremely rich. In the 1920’s, many customers were Maharaja Boucheron, and since then have created large collections of jewelers with symmetrical temple national treasures. Hathi elephant’s trunk, made of white gold, diamonds and sapphires, triumphantly cocked, in the Indian tradition symbolizes the triumph.

Ring Elephant From Boucheron

Ring of the Peacock is not a whole miniature jeweler’s sculpture, but only a fragment, but a fragment of the most luxurious and grand, namely – the tail. A similar story with the ring of “Flamingo”: it does not offer a standard figure – read only folded wing and the head line. The same can be said of the seahorse, which replaced the octopus (as a ring, sapphires, amethysts, rubies): and there prevails a certain artistic convention.

Peacock Ring From Boucheron

Lemurs are a couple: presented a ring and a small pendant, precious animals (colored sapphires, diamonds) distinguishes just utter realism and playfulness. Realistic and a cat – a daunting figure, with colored diamonds in the legs.

Lemur Ring And Pendant From Boucheron


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