These cute, fun toy jewelry

31 Jan

They are united by one thing: a gloomy and overcast days or when a bad mood people want to have fun and a good time. And that is so rapidly elevates mood, as amusing trinket that adorns the neckline designer dress or the delicate wrist? Even the most respectable and cherished reputation as jewelry at home and brands can not deny myself the pleasure to offer its customers happy, lovely, little children’s jewelry.

Fruit Jewelry

Most, perhaps, a luxury of the firms that produce, along with exclusive necklaces, diadems, lovely and elevates mood jewelry – the French jewelry house of Chopard. In the XIX century, the house created a crown jewelers for the European queens, and at the beginning of the XXI century worthy of earning any lover can give to her friend cute teddy bear – almost the same as it was in her childhood, only enhanced: instead of fur – the gold and diamond Pave, instead of beads – sapphires. Do not like a teddy bear – gold clown suit with movable arms and legs, a shiny dome. These pendants are available in a series Happy Diamonds – «Happy Diamonds” – and it is up to its name.

Bunny Jewelry

Pasquale Bruni Italian brand also eagerly encourages her clients to the cultivation of childhood memories and sentimental experience of pleasant moments. One of the most popular gizmos of the jewelry at home – a series of gold, covered with Pave diamond or semiprecious pendants Orme in the form of infant feet with fingers, polka dots. Present touching a young mother to the appearance of light, baptism or first birthday of her baby. And as a valuable gift, he can eventually move on inheritance grown daughter or granddaughter.

Turtle Jewelry

However, there have Pasquale Bruni and ornaments are still available for young residents of the megalopolis, adoring light at parties, steal and break the hearts and collect all the flowers of youth. This playful bracelet with pendants. One – in the form of a golden match with the head of semi-precious Pave the other – in a heart-shaped, multiple braided gold wire, the third – a deceptively unpretentious with petals of forget-me-faceted blue topaz.

Fruit Jewelry

American Legend Tiffany & Co also produces a huge range of different suspensions. Since these products are beginning to collect stamps romantic ladies. In anticipation of the prince on a white horse, who will offer them a hand and heart complete with a ring with an enormous boulder, a little girl to save for the fun of suspension to a bracelet – hearts with the words, cells with canaries, and miniature locks and tiny gift boxes made of silver, coated with enamel corporate aquamarine shade Tiffany. I must say that these boxes, only gold and red enamel, there is a French house Cartier.

Jewelry By Tiffany

In addition, designers Tiffany & Co, apparently decided that all comers this year may well play Pinocchio, hung on the neck of a pretty massive key of the precious metal. Let not the gold, and silver – not important, but very beautiful. There are key for every taste, with a ring, decorated with a filigree pattern in various styles.

Ladybug Jewelry

Speaking of fun decorations, can not remember the child line Dodo from Pomellato. These gold or adorned with Pave diamond and rubellite pendant-silhouettes are divided into several separate series for every taste. Paleontology fans – Dinozavrik, conquerors of the skies – plane, sentimental young ladies – a wooden horse, “green” – extinct dodo, romantic souls – a swallow, pragmatic – mumps, wise – a snake. And so on. And every animal or bird fitted with “passport”, which tells the owner about their unique abilities. For example, a gold fish, angel attached piece of paper with a promise: “We realize your desire.

Fruit Jewelry

For those who are “just a gold few, brand deGrisogono offers fruits and berries, meticulously carved from solid jewelers precious and semiprecious stones, with enamel leaves. Or, if the whole rocks do not like, you can “eat” pear covered Pave of yellow and brown diamonds or something like that, not less “appetizing”.

Fruit Jewelry

But still the largest selection of children’s jewelry offers a humorous, no doubt, a brand Aaron Basha. This frog-princess with bashful blush ruby in a golden crown on the bug-eyed head, in frog skin of the gray diamonds. This is incredibly charming one-eyed aliens with multiple horns, covered with colored enamel. This company ladybugs and children’s shoes and diamonds – pink, blue, and all the other colors of the spectrum. Devotees of golf you can give a tiny bag of clubs in romantic heart and a girl in love – just a romantic at heart multicolored stripes.  A side  – a diamond bow …




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