Trends in jewelry fashion in 2010

30 Jan

So come the New Year, and with it the new trend of fashion jewelry in 2010. What is so new and interesting things happen in the new 2010 in the world of fashion jewelry and jewelry? What factors will shape the market of jewelry after year? Let us think over the process of formation of fashion jewelry trends of 2010.

Fashion Jewelry

1) Precious metals such as gold and platinum is becoming more expensive and the global crisis is forcing people to be more economical. Therefore, most sane people will turn to such materials as silver, brass and various metal alloys, as well as to such materials as glass beads, glass, plastic. In other words, the popularity of inexpensive jewelry will continue to grow.

Fashion Jewelry

2) During 2009, the international exhibition of fashion, focusing on cultural and ethnic identity, national color, use of folk materials. In jewelry and jewelry emphasis on materials such as wood, enamel and metal, the combination of which creates jewelry in unexpected forms and some surreal effect. Fashionable in 2010 will be decorating in the style of the African, tribal ornaments and jewelry from beads.

Fashion Jewelry

3) A new trend of fashion jewelry in 2010 will be the cool colors and shades: black, white, blue, gray.

Fashion Jewelry

4) Also fashionable jewelry will carry any meaning or symbol, having a history mystery. Popularity will be unique and, accordingly, fashion jewelry will jewelry handmade jewelry made to order, as well as jewelry classic style and retro-style.

Fashion Jewelry

5) Always popular and fashionable, affordable and stylish jewelry and silver jewelry adorned with precious and semiprecious stones.


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