Black & White – jewelry for all occasions

07 Feb

Classic dress code for all occasions Black & White out of time. And it is in the philosophical underpinnings unconsciously embedded in our scheme of control and inability to get along without the other two. Jewels in the black, white design, as well as by their contrasting combination – a universal solution for the publication.

Jewel Ring With Diamonds

Games start white ...

Color purity, tenderness, purity, and at the same time, dispassionately and icy perfection, painted white is not too much expression, so easy to come to any addition, whose objective – elegatnost Harry Winston – the company that released the stones from the shackles of static frames. Design products by spontaneity, which is the basis of collections, including those where the soloist white. For example, a necklace from the collection of Garland. Its decor was inspired by the decorative motifs of the XVIII century, the era of Marie Antoinette. On the creation of such jewelry takes about eight months of work, so the cost of the Celestial Empire – about $ 3 500 000.

Jewel Diamond Brooch

And if Harry Winston prefers solitaires, the founder of the company De Grisogono Fawaz Gruosi decided to experiment with opaque frosted diamonds. The climax of his experience became a successful jewelry collection Icy Diamonds. It should be noted that the jeweler was among the first who dared to work with these stones. In his own words, he spent five years in order to curb the complex in the treatment of icy diamonds. The result was stunning: matt white diamonds look fantastic!

Jewel Rings With Diamonds

French brand jewelry Joelli fond of white and elegant lightweight design. The collection Délicieuse essence diamonds and white gold pass perfection supreme being. Natural motif, form autumn leaves, recorded in the flight, said the continuing connection of all components in nature.

Snow-white patterns, like lace, “spinning” of diamonds and white gold craftsmen, jewelers Italian company Luca Carati in the collection of Elisabeth. Masters of this young and dynamic factory create products, harmoniously balancing between innovation and classic styles. Particular emphasis is placed on the highest quality diamonds and all sorts of options for their cut: “Princess,” “Frames”, “Marquis”, “Fantasy”.

Jewel Earrings With Diamonds

White pearls – a special article in the jewelry business. Ornaments with such a miracle of nature has always gentle and elegant. Among the most successful companies on the creation of artificial pearls and shining embodiment of his fantasy of using shades of white – Japanese Mikimoto, Italians Utopia, the Germans and the French Schoeffel Misaki.

Jewel Earrings With Pearls

King of flowers – black.

Once at the peak of its popularity, Pierre Cardin said that the black – the king of flowers. His weighty word on this important day not only for fashion but also for the jewelry industry.

Popularizing the black in the world Haute Joaillerie is owned Korloff. This is the color of the main mascot jewelry at home – the world’s largest diamond Korloff Noir, owned by the company. Legend has it that anyone who ever touches him will be richly endowed with graces fortune. Korloff Noir is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest black diamond in the world. His weight is 88 carats. The latest collection from Korloff thematically named Black Forever and consists of jewelry with a large black stone. Significant in size in the suspension or onyx ring repeats the shape and size of the diamond Korloff Noir in 88 carats. It shines a bright star, encrusted with white diamond, which has branded facet Korloff Cut. Diamond shines with a cutting 65 facets instead of the classic 57 and from this it seems larger than its true size.

Jewel Diamond Pendant With Ring

Color mystery – black – attractive. The Italian company Magerit created a clothing collection “Demon”, where the magic of the dark forces embodied with extraordinary skill and grace. On the broad chain of cast gold settled pendant in the form of Lucifer Yellow gold with black diamonds, escaping from the flames of hell rubies.

Jewel Earrings With Diamonds

Also appealing, but zhutkovatykh products Magerit Italian jewelry house Pasquale Bruni created a collection of Bon Ton, where the center of the flower arrangement is made of onyx, letting the audience that black can be quite fun in the elements of decor. Succumbed to the appeal of black and Italians Giorgio Visconti: in their collections of The Empire pendants are real nielloed Roman coins.

Black and white film

Playing black and white contrast to create a truly wonderful creations of jewelry. This is evidenced by the amazing product brands Tahizea, specializing in the famous black pearls Tahitan on ancient ethnic grounds, including the various deities, in which they believe the natives of the island of Tahiti.

Jewel Ring With Diamonds

Silver pendants, earrings, bracelets Tahizea tell various stories of Polynesian mythology. Some jewelry repeated silhouettes tattoo statues depicting the gods. On the other bear ornaments, drawing on the “sign language” of Polynesian tattoos. Among the jewelry with the names of the heroes of Polynesian mythology can be found pendant in honor of the progenitor of the human race Manu and decorations in honor of the “Little Buddha”. The main technique is a combination of masters of silver and black pearl, which symbolizes the beginning of two – black and white and the struggle of opposites. Logo mark this proves: it is encrypted characters, men and women – Tane and Vahine ».

Jewel Earrings With Pearls

The tougher version of the black-white “war” offers a jeweler Theo Fennell house in their collections Quiver, as well as in Scull. Awesome decorations in the form of a quiver for arrows and skulls with a snake wriggling – great charms for the queen of urban jungle!

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