Fragrant pendants back in vogue

01 Feb

Union expensive perfumes and exquisite jewelry known for a long time. In modern times it is a bit rusty. But there are ideas and at the jewelers, perfumers, and at how to return the former tandem. At least, women would really like to get your favorite, which is always with you.

Fragrant Pendants

Here, for example, what a wonderful collection of jewelry brand co-operation resulted Vane & Joya and brands to produce aromatic candles.

Romantic cameo. In addition to the magnificent jewelry, you will receive a unique Perfume, based on top notes of coconut oil, mandarin leaves of lemon, in the heart – vanilla and patchouli, and daisy notes – cinnamon and amber notes.

Fragrant Pendants

But the smell inside the pendant in the form of ancient spherical shape. This arrangement more mysterious and magnetic. Notes of lotus flower, lavender and bergamot scent opens. Heart motifs are disclosed in the notes of cedar wood, sandalwood, ylang-ylang. A final note – amber, Madagascar vanilla.

Fragrant Pendants

And in conclusion, a charming spider, which ensnare not only their precious paws and chains, but also enchant the senses magic flavor. Here, the notes of orange flower, honeysuckle, jasmine, lily, notes of honey, patchouli and sweet musk accord.

Each perfume amulet worth about $ 80. It is a pity that this brand is not available in all countries. But if you liked the idea, please submit it to your jeweler, and perhaps you will have your favorite scent, “which is always with you.” Solid spirits who enjoy and find easy, you only have to frame them in a jewelry frame.

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