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Predators BESTIARIO from Carrera y Carrera

In order to get closer to these predators, do not pass the safety course, no arm protective equipment and ammunition. On the contrary, must be swept aside all the excess clothes, and including prejudice, and just try on these masterpieces, enjoy the velvet tiger mane, silky scales of a snake, crocodile leather unexpectedly gentle and smooth feathers of an eagle. These four predators are the main characters of precious menagerie called Bestiario.

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The new jewelry collection from Hermes

House Hermes has just completed renovation of its remarkable miniature museum, located on the second floor of a historic store on the Faubourg Saint-Honore, but not limited to these sensitive and important feat is currently boast a French company. Also, the attention of an experienced and wayward lovers precious opus, beginning in September proposed a new annual collection of jewelry Hermes.
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New precious menagerie of Boucheron

House of Boucheron, outdoor Frederick Bushronom in 1854 and in 1898 the very first of the great settled on the Place Vendome, 28, in a mansion of Napoleon III, Countess de Castellon, introduced in the flagship store a new collection. According to the routine many years ago, a noble tradition, the house Boucheron annually updates its own precious menagerie.

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Decorations from old computer parts

Find the original material – no great shakes headache. Spoiled consumers is difficult to impress with precious stones and exotic woods. In search of fresh solutions, the California jewelry company 2Roses Studio climbed to the dump. In their decorations, they began to use parts from old electronics.

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Couture Fine Jewelry Exhibition

New York–Couture is putting fine jewelry on the radar of fashion editors this week via a special exhibit that will appear in the main hall of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in New York City, running from Sept. 9 through Sept. 16. .

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Kimberly McDonald and her collection “Sea Turtle Macrame Bracelet” for NWF

Kimberly McDonald is a well known designer jewelry. She has stood up now in support of the National Wildlife Federation’s efforts to protect the marine life following the Gulf oil spill.

Kimberly McDonald Sea Turtle Macrame Bracelet

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Butterflies and hearts in the new collection from Liberty Pasquale Bruni

Jewels in the form of butterflies and hearts are always soft and romantic. It is this, and stressed the new jewelry collection from the Italian firm Pasquale Bruni.

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