The new jewelry collection from Hermes

21 Sep

House Hermes has just completed renovation of its remarkable miniature museum, located on the second floor of a historic store on the Faubourg Saint-Honore, but not limited to these sensitive and important feat is currently boast a French company. Also, the attention of an experienced and wayward lovers precious opus, beginning in September proposed a new annual collection of jewelry Hermes.
Bracelet From HermesThis new collection of Hermes fundamentally no different from the collections of most previous ones. And the reason is – the fundamental conservation ideology and style of the house. As a great Kelly Hermes bag is undergoing the most minor changes over the years (eg, expanding the palette or the mitigation of the old rigid structure – as in the later version of the Kelly Relax), and jewelry Hermes remain valid once the chosen path.

Sotuara from Hermes

Jewellery philosophy of Hermes, a few years ago enriched fair theses designer Pierre Hardy, in fact distinctive. At Hermes, this award-winning King of the French Suites, perfectly aware that to go to a jewelry ring where jostle ordenonosnogo grants Cartier, Boucheron, Van Cleeef & Arpels and Chaumet, not even just risky. Silly, senseless. French luxury-culture, with all its nervous attention to acute novelty, rapid modes and fresh names with the “left coast”, it is still traditionally oriented to date: the earlier founded the house, the longer he is alive and well in difficult market valuables and expensive habits, so only the best. This is justified both in terms of accumulation of cultural, modeling experience, and from the positions of technical, craftsmanship.

Ring From Hermes

Designer Hardy, who was widely loved and how beautiful shoemaker, more than once that he sees no point in producing grandiose diamond necklaces, earrings, emerald-tiered chandelier or a grand ruby tiaras under the banner of the ancient Hermes. According to him, Hermes has to offer the public treasures of a different plan: insane monetary value of accessories with the ideal form of it, is deliberately simple, but absolutely deliberate and made with the highest, quality impossible. In other words, it is not piece unique, and jewelry as accessories that are being implemented at the prices of family jewels.

Bracelet From Hermes

That the proposed Ardi, is not only essential is the looks but also justified from an aesthetic, technical and commercial standpoints. Aesthetics jewelry Hermes stands on minimalism – a style that does not require for its production and no special knowledge and special skills: the volumes and shapes are simple, work with stones are not provided. As for the commercial side of the question for a minimalist jewelry Hermes brand loyal customers without tears say goodbye to a few thousand euros.

Collier De Chien From Hermes

New jewelry collection Hermes includes only seven finished and perfect as an egg, items: two sotuara, ring, three bracelets and collier de chien. Despite the fact that Hermes is actively “cultivates and silver mines, this time it was decided to release only gold items. Downstage – pink gold, known for its sweetness and radiant mawkishness. At Hermes, there are, of course, his trademark patterns and themes that are easy to install in jewelry production: so respected an important continuity, sequential course of preservation of DNA marks for all items, from clothing and harness to watches and jewelry. For example, the topic of chains, links: These elements are involved in necklaces and bracelets sotuare-named “Cascade”. Here, fabric, built of many thin chains with small links, coupled with sleek golden elements reminiscent of the harness. Rivets and nails truck, made of pink gold, embossed and the lightest, barely noticeable diamond pave, is a central part of bracelets, rings and sotuara collier de chien.

Bracelet From Hermes

Jewellery by Hermes, many collect. And there is nothing surprising. These minimalist objects, deprived of a secular gloss, but endowed with a French family stylistic power, there is always a buyer who will appreciate this thoroughbred modesty higher total diamond carat.


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