Couture Fine Jewelry Exhibition

16 Sep

New York–Couture is putting fine jewelry on the radar of fashion editors this week via a special exhibit that will appear in the main hall of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in New York City, running from Sept. 9 through Sept. 16. .

Paul Morelli Collection Meditation Bell NecklaceThrough a first-time alliance with IMG, which produces Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Couture will unveil the “Couture Fine Jewelry Exhibition,” featuring the designs of seven brands that represent the best in high-end jewelry design, Couture show organizers said in a press release.

Gurhan 4/24 Collection

While fashion and fine jewelry have been incorporated to greater and lesser degrees on Fashion Week runways in past years, the Couture exhibit will ensure that fine jewelry is front and center this time around, as editors from around the world converge in Manhattan to view the spring 2011 collections. “Couture is more than a trade event; we’ve built a community of the finest jewelers and we’re committed to expanding their reach and visibility to various markets,” Landis said. “Fine jewelry and fine fashion are synonymous with style.”

The designers featured in the Couture exhibition at Fashion Week include the following:

Scott Kay: As the exclusive men’s jewelry brand appearing at Fashion Week, Scott Kay will showcase the “Art of Man” collection of sterling menswear with 18-karat gold and gemstone accents, featuring the bold and intricately carved designs.

Scott Kay Art Of Man

Gurhan: Freshly released for fall 2010, Gurhan’s “4/24 Collection,” features a new chocolate-hued 4-karat gold alloy mixed with pure 24-karat gold in contemporary designs that give fashion a new spin in fine jewelry and mixes well with Gurhan’s signature pure 24-karat gold designs, too.

Gurhan 4/24 Collection Rings

Gurhan 4/24 Collection Earrings

Paul Morelli:  This season, Paul Morelli is emphasizing its “Meditation Bell” collection, and taking it to another level. The brand also aims to help bring black back, adding some sultry jewel tones to fashion’s most classic color.

Paul Morelli Collection Meditation Bell Necklace

Yossi Harrari: Timeless, modern and chic, the Yossi Harari collection is an eye-catching ensemble of handcrafted jewelry incorporating 24-karat gold and the brand’s signature oxidized “gilver,” an alloy comprised of 25 percent gold and 75 percent silver. The brand has reinterpreted its classic designs to celebrate its 10-year anniversary at Bergdorf Goodman and in the United States.
Yossi Harrari The Brand's Signature Oxidized Gilver
Andrea Fohrman: Fine, feminine and flirty, Andrea Fohrman’s contemporary collection combines antique touches that are reminiscent of past generations, yet undeniably modern.  Incorporating cool and edgy materials, the brand’s fall collection is fresh and bold, featuring black hues and the use of an unusual material: bone.

Andrea Fohrman

Sally Sohn: Exquisite, cool and charming, Sally Sohn’s over-the-top and whimsical designs are sparkly show-stoppers with a twist. “Naughty and Nice” charms, signature diamond wings and stackable beaded bracelets distinguish the brand.

Sally Sohn Naughty And Nice

Sally Sohn "Naughty And Nice"

Bavna:  A newcomer to the U.S. jewelry scene, Sunny Jain of Bavna is showcasing modern takes on traditional Far East techniques, utilizing rose-cut diamonds and exotic gemstones.

Sunny Jain Of Bavna

Couture is an annual event for upscale retailers, designers, and manufacturers of fine jewelry.

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  1. Stone Anchor Luxury Jewelry

    08.10.2010 at 7:47 pm

    The Meditation Bell is amazing!! Would love to own that!


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