Jewellery house Boucheron celebrates the famous show “Cirque du Soleil”

10 Sep

This season, the House of Boucheron salutes famous show Cirque du Soleil, is celebrating its 25 anniversary, the creation of jewelry fantasies of 20 works of art – Inspiria. The founder of Cirque du Soleil gladly supported the President jewelry house Boucheron create a symbolic jewelry collection. Connecting two arts, two elements – a circus and jewelry – brought a fantastic result.  It is worth noting that Guy Laliberte is a list of 100 most influential people in the world according to the magazine Time. His circus affect experiments and creativity. Possessing an unrestrained imagination Guy Laliberté entrusted their ideas jewelry house Boucheron – thus have 20 necklaces High Jewellery. They represent the history of the 20 most beautiful creations of Cirque du Soleil.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria

Characteristic of the fact that part of the proceeds from the collection will be transferred to the One Drop – an organization founded by Guy Laliberté in 1987. This humanitarian project aims to ensure that people living in areas where lack of fresh water, was organized to access it. More than 80 countries around the world lack the fresh water. Guy Laliberte sure that this problem can be overcome. And while he showed the flight of his imagination in jewelry Inspiria.

Incendiary show Mystere, held in Las Vegas, the famous Tresure Islands, as reflected in the same necklace. The fire of blue, yellow and orange sapphires, and rubies in black gold disclose full of secret thoughts.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Mystère Necklace

In the necklace “O” handed romantic mood Water masterpiece circus with flickering diamonds and blue sapphires. A whirlwind of white gold with precious stones creates the face of a sad clown with the eye-ruby. Pear-shaped diamonds on the free ends of the dancers suspension Gives poetry.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace O

Necklaces Ovo represents American tour with the same show, the viewer in the world of insects. Spider with a ruby and blue sapphire body and diamond legs – the main character of the suspension. The secret is that this composition in the center of a necklace can be transformed into a brooch. Surrounding precious spider flowers, beads and hearts of the blue, yellow, purple sapphires, garnets, emeralds, diamonds, which give the decoration of joie de vivre.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace Ovo

Protagonist necklaces Quidam – a clown face, embodied in the black and white diamonds, rubies and white gold. Show with the title, taking place simultaneously in three countries – Peru, Colombia and Canada – the story of a girl escaping into the world of dreams and imagination. A little scary precious mask seems to be saying that society often forces people to awaken their imagination, so as not to fall victim to an uncomfortable reality environment.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace Quidam

Continuation of the adventures of the girl dreamer is observed in the show Zaia, the ongoing in Macau. At this time, it flies into space. Emotions associated with this mystery, transferred to a necklace with a similar name. Journey into the Universe is accompanied by a gleam of yellow sapphires, white diamonds and blue sapphire cabochon. Central removable portion can be worn as a brooch.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace ZAIA

In necklaces Saltimbanco colorful masks of bright sapphires represent the multinational crowd of clowns, without which it is impossible to imagine any circus world. Anchored by a cascade of diamonds and the mask can be worn as a brooch. The product is made of white and yellow gold, embellished with ruby and strewn with white and black diamonds, emeralds and blue, yellow and pink sapphires.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace Saltimbanco

In necklaces Alegria main character with a head of pink sapphire, like a bird, with wings of blue sapphire and diamond, hovers between shadow and light, balancing on the color contrast of precious stones. Acrobatic sketch in white gold.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace Alegría

The thin line between illusion and reality is embodied in a necklace Corteo. It violet sapphires on the wings like angels, combined with the warm yellow sapphires drop-shaped pendants, resembling a candlestick. Form suspension with a round holder and dancing in the free flight ends of the chain of white gold with diamonds, pink and violet sapphires characteristic of many products Boucheron.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace Corteo

Ribbons of black gold with multicolored sapphires freakish curls shape the face of the black prince, charming the audience into a hypnotic gaze necklaces Criss Angel Believe. Fairy colors create violet, yellow, pink sapphires and rubies, they convey the feelings experienced by viewers, plunging into the fantasy of the famous illusionist Criss Angel.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace CRISS ANGEL Believe

Blue sapphire cabochon cut in the center of necklace Delirium – like the eye of the typhoon, the area of peace, when the vortices around the circle of white gold with purple, pink and yellow sapphires, and emeralds.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace DELIRIUM

Mix of Eastern and European acrobatic art can be enjoyed in the representation of Dralion. Get the aesthetic pleasure you can and the same name necklace collection Inspiria. East meets West – a dragon meets a lion in a flame of sapphires and rubies of different shades. Dragon-lion, symbolizing the search for harmony, can be worn separately as a brooch.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace Dralion

In honor of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Boucheron has created necklaces Viva Elvis, its shape reminiscent of his incredible stage outfits. Shining diamonds set off a soft shine mandarin garnets and yellow and pink sapphires, cabochons. Viva Elvis necklace adorned with pink and yellow sapphire cabochons, diamonds and hand grenades, made in yellow gold.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace Viva ELVIS

Fairy shows, defy the laws of gravity Ka now and in the jewelry world has found its “alter ego”. In this necklace, orange and yellow sapphires and rubies symbolize the power of blazing fire, and two diamonds symbolize the common destiny inseparable twins – figures show. The central piece can be worn as a brooch.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace KÀ

The kingdom of eccentric and funny clowns in necklaces Kooza is embodied in the form of a bright optimistic sparkle of rubies, diamonds, pink and yellow sapphires. Suspension – a kind of hymn to the circus.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace KOOZA

In Love Necklace four colors of sapphires and diamonds represent the elements: earth, fire, water and air. Letters G symbolize friendship Georges Harrison, Guy Laliberte and Gilles Martin. Love Pendant is decorated with blue, pink and yellow sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds, is made in white, yellow and rose gold.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace The Beatles LOVE

In La Nouba Silhouette necklace of rubies, sapphires and emeralds like trying to break free from the shackles of everyday life and everyday life in a perpetual holiday.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace La Nouba

Enchanted Forest, in which they live whimsical, fantastic creatures – the main theme of the European show, taking place in Belgium, Switzerland and Spain, as well as necklaces Varekai. Like the symbol of the brotherhood of the forest in the center of the suspension is a flower of blue sapphires, the stem which turns into a skirt of emerald.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace Varekai

Seasonal New York show Wintuk is the year that whirls the audience in a winter blizzard. Same name necklace from Boucheron decorated patterns of frost, snow lace diamonds frozen ice droplets of round blue sapphires. Necklaces Wintuk decorated with blue oval sapphire, strewn with blue and yellow sapphires, and diamonds tsavoritami, done in white gold.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace Wintuk

The Japanese audience, grown on the poetry of Cirque du Sole prepared for the show, where unfolding nuances of the depth of human emotions. Zed Necklace in white gold embodies the gulf between earth and sky of blue and purple sapphires. However, the scattering of round diamonds, speaking about the link between them is.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace ZED

The whole palette of sensuality sends cabaret Zumanity. Precious double show – it is rubies and amethysts in black gold, which recreate the mysterious twilight, where you can find an eternal source of temptation and secrecy – a graceful acrobat with a perfect shape. The figurine is removed necklaces and can be thrown.

Boucheron Cirque Du Soleil Inspiria Necklace Zumanity

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