Sweet Taste of Treasure

01 Sep

Delicacies of gold and precious stones jewelers offer a try as a main dish on the table.

Roberto Coin Chocolate

Jewellery House Prologue, created a Spanish aristocrat and hereditary Duke Pedro de Aranda, knows that you need for a sophisticated jewelry meal. The collection, called the fine and thoughtful – Gourmet, Pedro with a sufficient amount of humor created a voluminous earrings in the form of Maasdam cheese with holes, through which stuck gold snout and tail of a mouse.

Pedro De Aranda Gourmet Trapeze

Included in these creative earrings of diamonds and a ring of white gold is on the same topic.

Pedro De Aranda Gourmet

Often a dessert for jewelers is a fundamental page of the menu, bypassing the classic serving dishes. The variety of sweets, candies and cakes can be seen among the golden feast on the shelves of boutiques.

Swiss jewelry house in the Adler collection of Rose shows how sweet can be pink sapphires and white diamonds. In the campaign two pairs of earrings and necklaces are a harmonious complement to the background of cotton candy, lollipops, and scatterings of small candies in the glaze.

Adler Rose

Pastry “pasta” in gold and precious stones have become so successful for “cooks» Boucheron, the continuation of what has happened in the form of miniature products Mini Macaron. The history of the famous French dessert started in Venice. Pirates, who brought it from the East, called the sweetness maccherone, that turned into the French macaron. In XIX century recipe “pasta” was revised by Mr. Lyadyure, which began to glue these almond cookies in pairs, devising a variety of additives. This is a small round flat meringue with cream-filled air can be a variety of colors (from burgundy to gold) and flavors (from chocolate to violet). Boucheron has decided to introduce such a delicacy and in the jewelry world, and very successfully. Products embodied in white and yellow gold, amethyst, tsavoritah, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, diamonds, citrine.

Orlando Orlandini Champagne

American jeweler Tiffany & Co legend in collaboration with Paloma Picasso, follow in the footsteps of his great father, but in the direction of design, offers all taste wonderful sladkoeshkam Sugar Stacks. This caramel-colored rings and pendants of amethyst, quartz, onyx and chalcedony. For each girl – its sugar candy.

Tiffany & Co Paloma Picasso

Certainly, among other sweet chocolate is king. Numerous subjects adore him and fall into addiction, which is very opportune for the jewelers, who decided to show the love of humanity for chocolate in the jewels.

Roberto Coin with his characteristic sense of humor created a pendant in the form of a slab of chocolate with peppers nadkusannuyu an unknown person. The temptation was so great that it is impossible to resist.

Roberto Coin Celebration

In turn, the Germans Wellendorff, famous for its weaving of fine gold threads, released a collection of Chocolate, where you can find not only the suspension, and bracelets, and rings with the name implies, shows a variety of chocolate: Caramel, Mocha, Champagne and Sugarkiss.

Wellendorff Rings Chocolate

French jewelry house Korloff decided to combine a passion for sweets in the collection with the speaker called Sweety. Its assets are massive stones – quartz and amethyst, which give the decorations a vintage royal products.

Korloff Rings Sweety

Any dessert is always paired with a tea ceremony. This remembers the Italians Bliss with their collection of Tea Time. Products are created in silver with white and black mother of pearl, decorated with engraving in the style of vintage jewelry. Diamonds add elegance products.

Bliss Necklace And Ring

One option is a combination of gastronomic temptation “champagne – fruit”. So, Nanis lets you enjoy a juicy grenade of the same name jewelry Pomegranate. Clusters with a slightly cracked fruits are made in pink, white and yellow gold with yellow and red sapphires or rubies and pink sapphires.

Nanis Pomegranate

Turkish company gives Goldas taste the forbidden fruit in the collection of Apple in yellow gold with rubies. Champagne manages jewelry brands Orlando Orlandini and Roberto Coin, created sparkling wine in precious metals and stones.

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