Jewellery bring success

28 Jun

Can everyday objects bring success? Of course, the jewelry can not be called “mundane” things they have been created to decorate the gray reality, make it brighter, but not everyone knows that these little “little things”, if they correctly pick up and treat them accordingly, may bring success. And this is scientifically proven fact.

Bracelet By Lorenz Bäumer

Set By Tarditi

Symbolists at the time argued that our world is not as simple as it seems, and even in ordinary things may lurk unusually deep mystery. Psychologists say that to achieve real success is possible in the event that follow some simple rules: sincerely believe in yourself and interact with truly outstanding people, the right to behave in society, creating a favorable aura around. You may ask, what is the role of ornaments in this process? The answer is very simple – they can become your calling card in the world of successful people and attract good luck to you.

Ring By Nanis

It is known that since ancient times there was a so-called tongue jewelry. The form of tiaras, rings or bracelets can determine a person’s status in society, his title, affiliation to a noble family or caste. No wonder the gentlemen so jealous of their tribal finery is very carefully passing them from generation to generation. Often these things were especially proud of, a pass in the world court. There was also a science in itself – any generation of descendants, which could give. For example, it was believed that if the mother gave her daughter her ring, she can tell her something bad out of their own destiny, in order to avoid this, the ring is best to give her grandchildren. In addition, a decoration chosen leader to the party, it was possible to guess his mood and attitude to what is happening.

Pendant By Commelin

In New York, an exhibition of brooches Madeleine Albright. During his political career, she was able to create a new diplomatic language, the key role which it played a brooch. Journalists and political analysts who followed the events with the participation of U.S. Secretary of State, many could guess the shape of a small icon on the left side of her jacket. For example, a brooch in the form of snails meant that Madeleine Albright dissatisfied pace of negotiations. There is his little tricks in modern leaders of different ranks. So if you want to succeed, right, choose decorations, they must serve in order, to emphasize your importance, seriousness, and, if possible, carry any information about you. Try not to choose the rings, brooches and cufflinks, a form which could be interpreted ambiguously, or as a compromise you. It is important and the name brand jewelry that you choose.

Brooch By Marchak

It is valued exclusive jewelry made by personal request. It is now possible to book with jewelers’ Jewellery Card “original rings, brooches, earrings, chains of gold, and their beauty and sophistication will depend on the skill of your master and your imagination. This will save money and are really serious to say about themselves in society.

Earrings By Tiffany

We also know that jewelry can bring success if properly pick up the pieces. There are many studies about what the stones have to be people with a particular zodiac sign. Even if you are not keen on astrology, yet ask what stone or metal suits you. After all, our ancestors tried to live in harmony with nature and to perceive the world as a whole, therefore, deserves attention theory about the relationship of the heavenly bodies and the nature of the subsoil.

Cufflinks By Carrera Y Carrera

Also, psychologists and astrologers claim that the situation which the stone or metal a person chooses, we can judge his type of temperament. Knowing this information, you can not only emphasize their strengths and hide their weaknesses, but also learn something about their partners or directors. For example, strong-willed people choose for themselves garnet, ruby. A mysterious person prefer dark pearls, amethyst, or aventurine. Those who like to be in the spotlight, will not deny yourself a pleasure to have a sapphire pendant.

Ring By Valente

Speaking the language of jewelry, you can present yourself as a successful person, for which there is no insurmountable obstacles. Believing in it personally, and convincing the others, you will not even notice how all this will become a reality!

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