Brilliant football, as a symbol of World Cup 2010 soccer

15 Jun

South African jeweler Shimansky decided impress the public not only the most expensive tattoo, but also other products, in this case, symbolic for the World Cup.

Shimansky Brilliant Football Symbol Of 2010 World Cup FootballHe presented to the public diamond ball for football. Almost five-pound ball is covered with 6,620 white and 2,640 black diamonds, round cut diamond. The total weight of all these stones is about 3 500 carats. The cost of this soccer ball is 2,6 million dollars. Exact copies of this ball will be made of Swarovski crystals and exhibited in the seven stores brand Shimansky throughout the World Cup. Subsequently, each of the copies will be sold at auction and the proceeds go to charity. The jeweler also created a ring of the World Championships and silver cufflinks in the form of footwear for football.

Earlier this jeweler from South Africa, few people knew, but now he has all chances to win their creations of diamonds the same popularity as a Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka, creating their own masterpieces made of gold. While precious football no longer a new idea, similar products are already performed by other jewelers in different parts of the world.

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