Jewelry toes rings

26 May

Currently, one can often see rings on the toes of people who are considered to be outstanding personalities or having non-standard thinking. Psychologists are united in the belief that people decorate rings toes, have only one desire: to stand out among others. Of course, not taken into account the fact that in some ethnic cultures, traditionally, among other things, decorated and toes.

Toes Rings

What clearly indicates high self-esteem. According to psychologists, such people can not live without that does not exalt himself over others in order to achieve special attention. On portraits of medieval beauties depicted their legs, covered with tiny ringlets.

Toes Rings

During this period, the fashion for wearing rings on the toes slowly gaining momentum. This could be an indication that Jean Paul Gaultier created a ring – a nail, for the first phalanges. This is a very comfortable and extravagant jewelry, harmoniously combined with pedicures.

Toes Rings

Toes Rings

Toes Rings

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