Ornaments for the feet – accessory of the summer 2010

16 Mar

Many countries since time immemorial had been taken to decorate only the upper part of the body: hair, hats, ears, neck, hands and a belt – is the final chord, below which a woman has rarely, preferring to hide his feet first under the long skirts, and later under strict pants. Nearly a hundred years ago, became fashionable jewelry for the feet and firmly nestled there. Now, few of the designers do without a pair of anklets in the summer collection.

Jewelry Bracelet On His Leg

Where it is and how to wear

Custom to wear jewelry on their feet came from India, but it all started with a small tattoo. The first drawings were miniature butterflies and flowers, which gradually “grew” to ornaments, embraced his legs up to the knees. Pictures can be changed regularly because the henna from which to do tattoos, two or three weeks, pale and disappear.

The women wanted a more reliable and original jewelry, and jewelers went to meet them, creating bracelets and rings made of precious metals. It toes the original rings are usually decorated with ladies married, and ankles – unmarried girls. Anklet were divided into two types: steel strip, grasping the leg (usually open, so it can be easy to put on), or chains of varying widths. Last decorated with unusual pendants, stones, shells or bells, which emphasized the dancing gait oriental beauty.

Jewelry Bracelet On His Leg

Arriving at the beginning of XX century Europe and the United States, ornaments for the feet at first made no impression on the audience: the skirt is long enough to hide the women’s ankles. However, the Europeans made their adjustments to the bracelets and rings, adding to the precious metals, pearls and beads, and giving this entertainment to children. Active promotion of jewelry for the feet took only hippie in the sixties, and only after these women have actively started to decorate the ankles and toes. Despite the fact that such jewelry more good youth, bold fashionable women of any age can also wear a bracelet on their slender legs, taking into account certain conditions. Bracelet on her left foot is considered a sign of a girl of easy virtue, but in recent times, this rule is often violated. Moreover, in the modern world, expensive bracelet for women is the leg to all the other attributes of chic and wealth.

The variety of ornaments

Thanks to the vogue for oriental flavor, decorations for the feet are increasingly out on European catwalks, with the greatest demand is for bracelets, which are generally relevant in this season. Someone has them on the wrist, someone above the elbow, and the brightest highlight of nature with their help, their ankles. Ornaments for the feet will be particularly relevant in the summer, in conjunction with light parero, short dresses and bathing suits in public.

Jewelry Bracelet On His Leg

Relevant in the 2010 season, Marc Jacobs believes the original delicate chains with small pendants or bracelets on the leg with floral ornament. Boheme Boutiques offer to their bathing suits openwork decoration, resembling a light wickerwork knitted goods, gold and silver filigree. By collection Tibi, according to designers, is much better suited wide metal strips, vaguely reminiscent of handcuffs. A saturated bright colors model V Del Sol that blends perfectly with bracelets, decorated with semiprecious stones. Also in fashion exquisite silver jewelry for the feet with clear stones and thin straps, a few times grasping his ankles.

Jewelry Bracelet On His Leg

Of the metals commonly used silver, especially in the compositions of connecting thin chain bracelet and a ring, and the gold openwork chains and belt ornaments. News jeweler works on his feet in the pool and beach. But do not flaunt them in a sauna – there is a risk to get burned. Also interesting anklets look in the glare of the lights of night clubs, ending with a sparkling image, along with other decorations.

Despite fashion trends and recommendations of designers, jewelry on their feet – this is very original and extreme decoration, which will go far not all. To wear these bracelets, you must have pretty ankles, and rings implies a perfect pedicure. However, those who went to such a move would be worthy of admiration.

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