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15 Feb

In Paris, on rue Saint-Honore, passersby are fun, looking at shop windows, which show excellent toilets, shoes, handbags, watches, jewelry designers leading providers recent fashion trends. Showcases of the Boulevard, where boutiques are concentrated, fascinate buyers, attracting the attention not only because they show, but how they do it.

Fashion Jewelry

For example, a store hour attracts corner man demonstration of magic, namely, the new showcase named “Carousel”. It provided hours that passersby might consider standing on the street, not visiting the store. Since the display control buttons displayed outside. Those interested can simply pressing a button, rotate the display by controlling the mechanism through which new series of hours, which makes it possible to view all the clocks on the market.New display case with the management of the display was developed by designers of the Swiss company Dietlin. The same windows are installed in the boutiques of Geneva. This project, created and embodied by Dietlin – not the only one.

Jewelry Gold

New technologies are products of choice to customers, widely developed by research institutes of the firm. This is indeed a revolution – the newest way to display jewelry and jewelry buyers.

Today, there are showcases with liquid crystals, which contribute to the appearance and disappearance of the good with displaying the logo of the company. Not invented glass windows, allowing consider jewelry near. Defense is that if the hand is very close to the goods, sensors triggered alarm system and the product disappears from the eyes of the buyer.

Fashion Jewelry

So in the jewelry stores of know-how – this interactivity to attract buyers and provide an opportunity to consider the entire product available in stock. Should always use new technology, perfected in the newest features of the modern world.

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