Unusual jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day

13 Feb

This holiday is now celebrated in almost every corner of the globe – the modern inhabitants of our planet still have to remind each other that somewhere nearby are close friends, which should not be forgotten, and those who do not sin recall its existence …

Jewelry Phone With A Heart

There are several legends underlying the celebration of the Valentine’s day. This period coincided with feasts and celebration of the coming of spring, which were connected with the awakening of nature and love.

Pendant Heart

The tradition to give gifts on this day grew stronger with each passing year, and for some has become a rather successful business. For example, in the beginning of last century, Americans have been taken to send their brides marzipan, which were quite expensive. In Japan, a tradition to give this day appeared with a sweet feed to a major company to produce chocolate. They began to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the 30 years, and still remains the most popular chocolate gift. Usually give all kinds of men’s accessories such as razors, lotion, wallet and so on. In passionate French as Valentine’s Day jewelry is accepted to give, and in the romantic Denmark people send each other dried white flowers. In Britain, unmarried girls get up on Feb. 14 before sunrise, are beside the window and look at passing men. According to belief, the first man, whom they see, and there is narrowing. But there are some countries in the world, are particularly distinguished themselves in the celebration of Valentine’s Day. This is particularly Saudi Arabia, which is the only country in the world where this holiday is officially prohibited, and under penalty of heavy fines.

Jewelry Mouse

While tradition dictates to give gifts in the form of the heart. We are sure you will find the thing you’re looking for – or perhaps something even better!

Pendant Heart

And here comes that day, which is awaited by all lovers – Valentine’s day, this day to give presents, flowers and compliments her lover.

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One response to “Unusual jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day

  1. Round Kitchen ·

    04.11.2010 at 1:20 pm

    during Valentines Day, i always give my girlfriend some roses collection for her to enjoy *


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