All you need to know about wedding rings

05 Feb

The symbol of marriage, always and at all times considered the ring. Why a ring, and not, for example, a bracelet or earrings? All because the ring is a closed strip, a circle, which is a sign of persistent, stable, eternal. That is, the ring – a symbol of eternal love and fidelity, and guarantee that the two loving hearts will always be next to each other, will always help each other in joy and sorrow, and never parted. Now, when the number of divorces, unfortunately, almost on a par with the number of marriages, wedding rings lost their symbolism. Still, any bride and groom, hope that their marriage will be the happiest, the best on Earth, and therefore, vowing to each other in eternal love and fidelity, exchanged wedding rings.

Wedding rings

In general, the tradition of wearing a wedding ring came to us from the ancient Egyptians. Then intertwined rings of hemp and reeds, and only later they were made of metal, which symbolized the sanctity of the marriage tie. In medieval England, the groom wore a wedding ring on the waiting list for three fingers of the bride “In the name of the Father and the Son, and Holy Spirit.”

Wedding rings

On the wedding ring there were many legends. In particular, Tyroleans believed that the woman in labor in no case shall remove from the finger ring to protect from evil spells, and a child. Scandinavians wore a ring on his finger on the occasion of mourning, that the soul of the deceased did not bring alive trouble. In India it is believed that if the husband and wife quarreled, it is necessary to put on the middle finger to each other wedding ring with a diamond, and then all sure will improve. In the Ancient Rus’ wedding ring confused: it was lowered into a glass of water and gazed into the middle of the ring, hoping to see him in the face of the future bridegroom.

Wedding rings

Wedding ring – a symbol of fidelity Today the engagement ring still remains a symbol of fidelity. It is round, has no beginning or end, symbolizing the eternity of the marriage. In the 25-day anniversary of the marriage, many close to the gold ring worn silver.

Wedding rings

To completely unexpected conclusion came to modern medicine. Some researchers believe that the ring be harmful. Naturally, on such an important symbol of family happiness no one ever refuses. But not to earn hypertension, atherosclerosis, a disease of the endocrine glands doctors recommend to shoot a wedding ring even at night.

Materials for wedding rings

Many religions are allowed during the wedding ceremony used as a symbol of the marriage vow rings made of any material, but in unusual circumstances – unusual even use substitutes rings.

Wedding rings

Most jewelers for engagement rings are made of precious yellow alloy of gold, copper, tin and bismuth. Used as platinum and white gold alloys, although previously used light yellow white gold alloys are now increasingly being replaced by a cheaper nickel-gold alloy, covered with a thin layer of rhodium, which must be reapplied after a few years. Recently, as a material for wedding bands, titanium has become very popular because of its durability, affordability, and gray color associated with the material for weapons. Also began to use tungsten carbide, often with gold or platinum inlays. The least expensive material for wedding rings is nickel silver – for those who prefer the metal, the other for its appearance or cost. Increasingly, couples are buying a ring of stainless steel, has the same durability as platinum and titanium, and polished it – better quality than the latter. Silver, copper, brass and other cheaper metals do not often, because they corrode over time and thus cannot symbolize permanence. Aluminum or toxic metals are never used. Contrary to popular legend, titanium rings can be easily removed with a special jeweler’s tools and ticks for opening the rings.

The fashion for wedding rings

Traditionally, wedding rings should be smooth and flat – it symbolizes the flat and measured life in marriage. But designers are increasingly making predictions about what the classic wedding ring soon completely out of fashion. They are gradually replacing the exclusive wedding ring.

Wedding rings

At a special ceremony appropriate only special accessories. It is probable that such an approach guided by the betrothed couples, choosing the original model with intricate designs and the innovative combination of materials. Criteria exclusives suggest that the rings were “not like everyone else.” Although such a pleasure and worth, respectively.

Have already gained the recognition of consumer engagement rings, which are used in the design of esoteric symbols, pagan and zodiac symbols, Celtic and Scandinavian designs. List of unusual patterns can be continued.

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