Several rules for fashionistas

02 Feb

Women love jewelry, and their gold tones, it is indisputable. Earrings, pendants, chains, bracelets, brooches, rings – all these things are created in order to give the image of uniqueness and attractiveness. Decoration, chosen tastefully harmoniously reflect your taste. But, unfortunately, this rule can work and vice versa. Choosing an ornament for yourself or as a gift, to remember the important rules. Surely, everyone knows about them, but in this article, we will try to recall and organize.

Jeweler Ring Harry WinstonThe main tenet: the decoration should be consistent with the overall style of your clothes, taking into account the make-up.

When choosing jewelry to draw attention to the price and quality. Everything should be beautiful and harmonious. Jewelry should be combined with your ways and be an integral part of it. Their main task – to emphasize your beauty and personality, to complement the image, bring it with new paint.

If sensibly approach the issue of choice and take into account the above points you will no doubt attract the attention of surrounding people, and would only admiration. Is also important to take into account the purposes for which you purchase something or other decoration.

Should you be a corporate party in an informal atmosphere, it is appropriate to be cheerful, bright, not quite the usual decorations. If you are looking for decorations for your business office suit, it is better to give preference to classics, not very large, not a funky ornaments.

Also, do not wear too much jewelry. In our time, the abundance of gold is difficult to surprise, so to anything like this display of his wealth. “If you want to be elegant, change the number of quality, and are always worn out on you better have something to hide, than to add,” – such a rule of wearing jewelry guided by the famous Coco Chanel. And really it, like nobody else, versed in style.

Jewelry Pendant Cartier

And the last rule, never mix, in its way of jewelry made of gold and silver. Even the most beautiful ornaments are losing their appeal with the wrong combination. Therefore, if funds allow, it is better to purchase a product in the set. In this case, the question of compatibility between a jewelry for you to lose its relevance.

It is important to remember that the style of decoration is directly related to age. Young girls should not be too heavy and expensive jewelry: solid rings, rings with stones, bulky, too long earrings. Conversely, in adult woman is unlikely to be appropriate to look trendy plastic trinkets.

Jewelry Necklace Lia Sophia

This is the most basic rules of wearing jewelry. By following them, you will always look attractive. Choose your individual style, stick with it and be beautiful!

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